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Our Approach

As Educators, we developed a common ground that defines our daily work and vision

Our vision is of a group that enables Learners and Educators to express their innate talents. To achieve this everyday, we developed four main Pillars, based on the Science of Learning, that define the reason for which we exist.


our Pillars

Total Wellbeing

Schools have the responsibility to promote the total wellbeing, not only of pupils but also that of parents, relatives, teachers, general staff and other stakeholders that deem the school as "The" education institution.

In practice, schools must promote the correct way to interact with children, allowing parents to follow their progresses beyond the school. Parents should be entitled and empowered to teach their children after-school, for example in dietary habits. However, in the today fast-changing and information-intense world, it is not always easy for them to find the best tool and way to interact. It is in the school responsibility to drive parents towards the common goal of pupil’s total wellbeing.

Total Wellbeing also means nurturing parents’ relationships, for example providing a psychology Lab able to support them during the child’s growth. Total Wellbeing of our teachers means empowering them to further develop critical skills. Indeed, we cannot pretend that our students learn the Life Skills if teachers have not learnt them before.

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