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Building up the future of education from Early Years to High School

Ingenium Education, a world-class international schools Group that works together with Founders and Principals to further develop their schools in the next era of Knowledge

our philosophy

We are a family of passionate educators working together towards a common goal: pupils wellbeing and education excellence

Our Philosophy in education and management of schools is based on four main Pillars, discover more here

Early years

In early childhood, learning means more than just playing, as many researches show. Quality education since early years is a fundamental aspect in developing cognitive abilities for a more confident and independent child. We are committed to the Life Skills development (W.H.O), knowing that the critical aspect of today childhood is self-determination and communication rather than logical abilities.

K12 International Schools

We bring innovation in traditional schooling, building up a network of European world-class K-12 schools able to inspire and enrich the student’s experience through an environment characterized by immersive high-quality facilities, latest in-campus technologies, customer services and top-notch international teaching. Our global learning programs encompass both Bilingual and International. 

– Life Skills development
– Self-determination and Confidence
– Inclusive schools

– Identity
– Autonomy
– Competences

– Innovation adoption
– International / Bilingual
– Inclusive schools

– Open minded students
– Thinkers and balanced pupils
– Inquirers and risk takers students

about us

Educating is always fun to do

Get to Know Us Closer

Ingenium Education was founded by Daniele Denti with the aim to support schools’ Founders and Principals to further develop their schools through business development and operational excellence. The Ingenium’s team, with more than 35+ cumulated experience in Education Management, is able to support our schools in any aspect of programs development, enrollments, real estate development, administration, technology adoption and HR.

What makes us different?
We believe each school has its own story. It is a story that includes people working towards an educational goal in a specific context at a specific time. It is this story that drives each school’s mission, and gives it its own individual and unique community ethos. Ingenium believes in this individual story and aims to support each individual school in its unique growth and development, avoiding the story-less standardization of the larger educational investment groups.

– Total Wellbeing of Pupils and Teachers
– Community Building

– Nurture Staff
– Protect School’s Ethos
– Support Founders

our schools

featured Schools

Our schools include 0-6 age bilingual and 2-18 international, find out more.

Early Years
K12 International
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Kids learning Center (EUR Rome)

Early Years

One of the largest early childhood campuses in Italy with more than 15 years of experience.


Kids learning Center (Ardeatina Rome)

K12 International

A new fully-equipped bilingual campus in the center-south of Rome.

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